Five Random Little Things That are Making Us Happy This Christmas

By Jac

There are a lot of things we could say about Christmas, and why it means a lot to us, and how it reminds us that there is light and hope in the darkness, and how it can be so hard for people who are lonely or grieving, and what it means to believe in that miraculous baby in that dirty manger … but this time, we are going to focus on a few of the smaller things that are making us happy this season. Like candy canes.

1. (Juli) Can all of mine be rum?

2. (Jac) Brooklyn 99. It’s a TV show on Netflix, and it’s funny and has an ensemble cast of people who like each other and are goofy and interesting and good at their jobs, and my husband and I have been watching it together. When Christmas break begins, we will not have to get the kids to school in the morning so we will be able to sleep in a smidge (by turning on the TV for them, obviously) and therefore we can stay up a bit later than usual. This means binge watching! Whoop!

3. (Juli) This Turkey Hat:


4. (Jac) This book and all it’s awesome rhyming goodness.


5. (Jac and Juli) That we decided not to move this blog beyond “hobby” status, so the need to post frequently is not adding stress or pressure to this busy season. We love that our readers are kind and fun and will definitely tell their friends about our blog, even if there’s a bit of a break between posts sometimes.

Merry Christmas, friends!



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