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The Gift of LifeExperiences

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Some people have a knack for buying gifts. They have an ability to understand your personal style, and the foresight to pay attention to what you need, and then they buy you the perfect item that even you didn’t know you needed. Sigh … If only everyone had that ability. But most people don’t. Instead we waste money on something that our loved one doesn’t need, all while we try to figure out what to do with all the stuff we’ve been given that we don’t need. What’s the acceptable amount of time you have to keep something before you can give it to a thrift store, anyway?

This is why we, Jac and Juli, were delighted when we heard of This is a website that partners with local businesses so that people can give experiences as gifts, without having to do all the research themselves. There are so many great ideas here that the hardest part is picking between them. Luckily, if you can’t choose, you can buy a gift certificate to the whole darn site, and then the recipient of the gift gets to choose for themselves! These are actually eGift Certificates, so they get to the recipient quickly so there are no worries if you’ve procrastinated again. Continue reading

Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Awake In The Car

By Jac

Some of you readers are thinking to yourselves, “Why wouldn’t you want your kid to sleep in the car?” Well, reader, if you are thinking that, you either have no children or you have the type of children who can have short naps and still go to bed on time. If this is you, you probably would want a post about how to encourage your children to fall asleep in the car, you lucky rat. But I am not qualified to write that post. You see, all of my children have been the type that are RUINED by a short nap in the car. My second child was the worst for this. Falling asleep in the car for 10 minutes would result in her being up two hours past her bedtime. To make matters worse, when she was little we lived at least half an hour away from most of our friends and family, and our workplaces and church, so we spent a lot of time in the car. During that time, and since, I have learned a few things about keeping your kids awake while you drive, and now I will impart that wisdom to you, whether you need it or not (and if not, you don’t know how lucky you are).

1. Give them candy. Continue reading

Let’s talk about sex, baby

By Juli

Last summer my daughter, S and I went away for a week, leaving Spencer, my husband, and A, my son, at home by themselves for a week. They had a great time together, rambling around like boys do, and then one evening at dinner then seven-year-old A asked his dad what the word “sexy” means. And from there, I am told, the conversation quickly “went there.”

There are many of us, I think, who dread the idea of having a sex talk with our kids. Perhaps this is because we remember this being an awkward conversation (or lack thereof) with our own parents. Perhaps it’s because we feel unqualified to speak on this topic. Perhaps it’s because we’re embarrassed. Continue reading

Five bizarre things we have found in our purses

Ever since we became parents, our purses have become storage facilities for the most bizarre of items. Join us as we reveal the five most bizarre things we have found in our purses that we can remember .

In Juli’s purse:

1. A carrot. For real. This was not a baby carrot, mind you, it was a giant, lone, somewhat withered, unpeeled carrot. A carrot, folks.

2. A single, dirty sock. Continue reading

On Demand, Indeed

By Jac

I remember the good old days. The ones four or five years ago, when my oldest daughter and I scheduled our morning routine around the CBC Kids morning lineup. She would play pretty well in the morning, knowing, even as a toddler, that her favourite show wasn’t on yet. She just waited, and when 10:05am arrived, I would call her and she would come sprinting into the living room with great excitement.

These days had their drawbacks, of course. For example, if we weren’t home at 10:05am, which happened frequently, she missed the show, and I’d have to hope that she’d be interested in whatever was on at 11:15 when I wanted her to sit still for a few minutes while I made lunch or put her baby sister down for a nap. So when we grown-ups decided to get a PVR (DVR for you Americans), we set it up to record shows for the kids.

Now it’s several years later, and this toddler is now a big kid, and her three little sisters don’t even know what it’s like to NOT have TV shows “On Demand.” It’s great to be able to pause their shows, and to start them when we want to, but the “demand” aspect of this set-up has gotten a bit too literal around here, with the PVR dominating our screen-time lives. Continue reading

My Five Most Popular Instagram Posts

By Jac

I love Instagram because it’s easy and fun and really interactive. In order to share my most popular posts, I’ve taken screenshots of my computer. This will reveal that my version of “popular” is different than lots of other more popular bloggers, but I am FINE with that. I may only get 30 likes on my most popular posts, but they are 30 wonderful likes.

“It was a particularly beautiful five minutes. And then the rainbow disappeared and the kids started to look for more snacks again.”


Continue reading

Ode to the End of Winter Break

By Juli


Oh Winter Break.

you’ve been partially fun,

with your Christmas, your New Years,

your bright winter sun.

but for 95% of your days and your nights,

it’s been pretty darn rough under these Christmas lights Continue reading

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