My Five Most Popular Instagram Posts

By Jac

I love Instagram because it’s easy and fun and really interactive. In order to share my most popular posts, I’ve taken screenshots of my computer. This will reveal that my version of “popular” is different than lots of other more popular bloggers, but I am FINE with that. I may only get 30 likes on my most popular posts, but they are 30 wonderful likes.

“It was a particularly beautiful five minutes. And then the rainbow disappeared and the kids started to look for more snacks again.”


The next three are all from Halloween. Instagrammers like Halloween, apparently.

“Happy Halloween!”



“I don’t wanna brag or anything, but doesn’t this Halloween costume look surprisingly good? Just kidding. I totally wanna brag.
(Does it count as homemade if I bought all the stuff from the store and the only ‘sewing’ I did was with one safety pin?)”



“#MemoriesMonday (that’s a thing!) of Halloween last year when R dressed up as a Hobo Princess because she refused to take suggestions about her costume. You can’t tell but she also is wearing a backpack.”



Sometimes I like to fit in with people who post pictures of their food…

“The first step in a family favourite recipe: All-the-Buns-and-Bread-Are-Kinda-Stale Pizza.”



And I know that was five, but I wanted to include one more, just because I like this one a lot.

“Because nothing says, ‘I’m a serious farmer’ like putting purple leashes on your bunnies and taking them for a walk.”


Follow me on Instgram, if you want! I’m OneFunJac. Juli’s on there too. Follow her! OneFunJuli.



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