Five bizarre things we have found in our purses

Ever since we became parents, our purses have become storage facilities for the most bizarre of items. Join us as we reveal the five most bizarre things we have found in our purses that we can remember .

In Juli’s purse:

1. A carrot. For real. This was not a baby carrot, mind you, it was a giant, lone, somewhat withered, unpeeled carrot. A carrot, folks.

2. A single, dirty sock. It was a child’s sock, and I don’t know what reason I would have had for sticking a child’s dirty sock in my bag. It’s possible that I was cleaning out the car and stuck it in my bag to get it out of the car, because that is how I clean up, you see.  I move filth from one location to another.

3. This card, from a game we have called Whoonu. Rodeos. IMG_40684. A fake piece of dog turd. I think it was my sassy eight-year-old’s attempt at a prank, because he got a prank kit for his birthday a few months ago, from a well-meaning relative. It was not pleasant to pull out in front of the cashier at the supermarket, though, let me tell you.

5. A bunch of loose fish food. I don’t even own a fish.

In Jac’s purse:

1.  Half a muffin, unwrapped.

2. Some hay.

3. I ALSO found one dirty sock once, but this one was adult sized. Very mysterious.

4. Thumbtacks. Approximately 50 of them, floating loose in there. This was as fun as it sounds.

5. The remote control. The people at home were not exactly pleased with me …



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One thought on “Five bizarre things we have found in our purses

  1. Chris

    Love this post – for real ‘laughed out loud’! I’m always quickly stuffing whatever is in my hand in my bag and then tend to forget about it. This post made my brain wander over to shoes and boots – my kids also love to put things in my shoes and boots and so I have found a variety of interesting items there (including a dirty diaper that found a new home on its way to the diaper pail via very helpful toddler and a knife – don’t ask!).


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