Ode to the End of Winter Break

By Juli


Oh Winter Break.

you’ve been partially fun,

with your Christmas, your New Years,

your bright winter sun.

but for 95% of your days and your nights,

it’s been pretty darn rough under these Christmas lights


For you see that my children,

without school instruction,

have devolved into monkeys,

with only two functions;

either they play and they wrassle with high energy shouts

or they’re fighting and screaming in wrestling bouts.


I’ll tell them, “Don’t do that. It will not end well.”

And they’ll tell me, “Oh Mommy, we love this! It’s swell!”

And then two seconds later they’re screaming and crying,

followed by swift rounds of accusations and denying,


We’ll sort it all out with the hugs and the kisses,

but four minutes later another issue arises,

and they don’t see the connection, when deciding what to play,

That playing “kicky” and then playing “punchy” will end the same way


And I’ll point them in the direction of all their Christmas toys,

Suggest a quiet hour of reading, with minimal noise,

But like magnets, they’re drawn to within an inch of each other,

And their limbs become entangled with loud cries of “MOTHER!”


It doesn’t help that since Christmas they’ve been hooked up to a sugar IV

thanks to stocking treats provided by their Father and me…

But I also blame Santa, he contributed too,

And this has darkened their Christmas with shades of black and blue.


But the day broke today as the last of it’s kind,

The sunshine came up and it started to shine,

And the craziness began, as we all knew that it would,

But it somehow feels different, it’s somehow even good,


because tomorrow you see, there will be a teacher there

Tomorrow my children will have structure and care,

And tomorrow I go back to work, don’t you see!?

Because work is almost like a vacation for me!


Now there have been moments, of course, where I loved Winter Break,

But not enough to say it was a piece of fruitcake,

And I love those little crazies, but I’m so ready to say

Goodbye Winter Break, and hello normal day!


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