Announcing the Winner of our Giveaway …

By Juli

First of all we have to say, thank you to all of you who entered this fantastic contest! It was so nice to see entrants from all walks of life — husbands wanting to win for their wives, teachers wanting to win to get pampered after a hard day with students, grandmas (who always deserve to be pampered), parents with kids from all ages and stages — both those with wee ones and those with teen ones. It was also fun to read what you all wanted to experience, from food truck tours to flights over Vancouver to our personal favourite, the sensational spa experience.

Well, one lucky winner will get to have her experience, and we hope it’s a good one!

In order to do this draw I, because I am not a technical whiz, went through and wrote all of your names on little squares of paper and put them in a bowl, like so:

IMG_4204 (1)


I was very careful to make all of the pieces the exact same size, and fold each once down the middle, so that my fingers would not be attracted by any particularly interestingly-shaped pieces. I myself when I enter contests employ the “accordion” fold, to make my paper more textured and appealing to the person doing the draw, but I was careful not to tamper with the papers for this draw in any way.

Then I reached in my hand, closed my eyes, mixed around the papers ever so much, and finally drew out the name of the winner… (drum roll please):

IMG_4205 (1)


Well there you have it! For her comment, Nicky wrote:



Hooray! Congratulations, Nicky, and have fun sailing the seven seas looking for whales, or “whalels” or whatever you find out there! 😉 And no, you do not need to say more, mother of two teens says it all. Just PM us your email address and we will send you your $100 gift certificate to, so you can log on and choose the experience you want!

And thanks again to everyone who participated in our giveaway! We hope to do another one as soon as possible, so keep reading our blog so you, too, can one day be a winner like Nicky! #WINNING!

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