Reasons my daughter won’t wear that

By Juli

Lately my five-year-old daughter has become increasingly picky about her clothes. This is made exponentially more frustrating by the fact that I continue to buy her cute clothes that she will never wear, it is getting harder and harder to get her out the door on the morning, and also, with what she ends up wearing, the teachers at her school probably think that she is homeless.

I have stooped to bribing her to put on the odd Christmas or Easter dress, but for the most part, she lives her life looking like a Rainbow Brite bag lady, slummin’ it up all over the place, and she loves it. When I ever so gently (or ever so forcefully) attempt to choose her clothes for her, here are some of the very REAL reasons that she has given me for why she could never wear the things I have chosen:

It has ties on it.

It has buttons on it.

It has snaps on it.

It touches her neck.

It’s cinched at the waist.

“I willlll wear it! Don’t get rid of it!” (And then she never wears it)

It has a tiny hole in the knee.

It feels funny.

“It’s not my favourite.”

It’s not purple.

It’s too purple.

I chose it for her.

“It’s NOT beautiful, Mommy.”

Because she doesn’t have clip on earrings. (“I neeeeeed clip on earrings mommy! TO-DAY.”)

“It’s got a stain!” (Water. She splashed a tiny bit of water on it. 😳🙄)

“It has a smiley face whose mouth touches his eyes!”

It’s not the flamingo shirt.

So I’m trying to avoid this battle and just stop picking her clothes for her, but it’s difficult because I have to be SEEN with her, and because I spent money on that cute pair of jeans! And also because sometimes things get a tiny bit wet and that doesn’t mean we get to spend 45 minutes picking a new button-free, snap-free, tag-free, purple-perfect outfit. Except apparently, it does.


See, I do take her shopping for clothes so she can pick them out, but she spends more time doing this.

See, I do take her with me shopping for clothes so she can pick them out, but she spends more time doing this. Also, this is her favourite reindeer shirt. It’s May.

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One thought on “Reasons my daughter won’t wear that

  1. Vickie Ceccato

    Mine wouldn’t wear tank tops for the longest time…and I never did get a reason why, until one day (and I mean like YESTERDAY), I brought one to swim lessons for her to change into after and she didn’t even notice until we got to the park behind the pool. Huh, I guess I do like these shirts, Mommy. #headsmack.


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