On Waiting for the Perfect Photo Moment

By Jac

In my upstairs hallway, I have a lovely framed family picture. It was a winter photo shoot, so there is snow in the background, and the girls are wearing adorable boots and shawls, and I’m wearing a sweater and looking happy, and my hair was cute that day. There’s just one problem. There are only two little girls in this picture, and I have four children. It’s just that I’ve been waiting for a good time to organize another family photo. When there’s no baby, when I get a haircut, when someone’s bangs grow out, when Anton decides family photos are a good idea.

But I’m realizing that that time will never come.

There will never be a moment when everyone in a family of six is simultaneously looking their best.

I will always have a kid who can’t figure out how to smile for pictures, even if they are trying their best.

Two kids, even.

photo shoot 1

There will always be kids who don’t wear what I want them to wear, even when I bribe them with ice cream.

There will always be someone whose hair needs to grow out, or be cut.

I will never look as young as I do in my wedding photos, or as thin.

Anton will never think a family photo shoot sounds like a fun plan (but as long as he’s willing to pretend, why does he need to?)

But I decided to finally have the pictures taken anyway. Because I knew that some of them would be beautiful.

photo shoot 4

Photo shoot 8

photo shoot 6

And all of the pictures capture a moment in time that I won’t ever get back. My kids will grow out of this painful-smile phase, and then I’ll be glad I have the pictures to remember it.


*All photos from this post were taken by Lisa, at Starts with a Kiss Event Services. Click this link to find her Facebook page!

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2 thoughts on “On Waiting for the Perfect Photo Moment

  1. Shelley Hempstead

    Family photos are the bane of my family existence. Even with my youngest being 9 we can’t seem to get everyone looking in the same direction, smiling (or at least without some kind of goofy face on) and generally trying to be photogenic at the same time. I mean, for our quick little photo directory shot we tried for 15 to 20 minutes and still needed to do a little photoshopping to make it acceptable! But you figure there’s hope for the future? Something to keep looking forward to!

    1. Jac Post author

      There HAS to be! I’m thinking next time I need to make sure there’s someone there who the kids think is really funny, so they can dance behind the photographer and make everyone laugh … have you tried that one?


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