Reasons I Love My Kids’ Father this Father’s Day

By Juli

It’s Saturday night, and tomorrow is Father’s Day, so that means it’s time for me, Juli, to start thinking about Father’s Day. Thank goodness for elementary school because the crafts and cards are all taken care of. All that’s left to do is this blog post list listing the reasons I appreciate my baby-daddy, Spence.

Caution: this list might get a bit steamy, so be warned. This ain’t your grandmother’s baby-daddy appreciation list:

1. I love the way he knows me so well. He knows me, and even more than that he really, really gets me. He gets that all I need is to sit on the couch and be brought wine, coffee, and/or candy, and I will be happy. He is tireless with the way he loves on our kids right when I am ready to pull my hair out and need to not be touched for five hundred minutes because mommy just needs to be able to feel what it’s like to be a human again. He will give up HIS humanity, that I might temporarily regain mine. What a guy.


2. I love how easy he is to understand, sometimes. For example, I KNOW that all he wants for Father’s Day is a beer, to go on a bike ride alone, and to sleep in, and, gosh darn it he will GET one of those things (beer) because I just love him so dang much. You’re welcome, honey. This beer had a cool label so I assume it probably tastes good.

3. I love how he puts up with my blogging, especially when he himself is the subject, he who hates being in the spotlight. Like right now, in this post, for example.

4. I love the way he cleans up our kids’ pee. I love that sexy, knowing look he gets in his eyes when he looks at me in that moment, with that look that says “Which one you want: you want to clean the kid, or the bathroom floor?”


5.  I love the way he likes our kids, and likes talking to them, and likes being with them, and is oh-so patient with them. I like the way he doesn’t laugh at what they say at the times that it would be easy to laugh, where another adult would probably laugh, because he gets that our kids are really sensitive to being laughed at. Like the other day when S announced that the tallest mountain in the word was Mount Uterus. “Oh, I think you mean Mount Everest, S,” he gently corrected, while we both felt the electricity in the air of the laughter we would later have about that.

6. I love the way we roll our eyes at each other when our children are being RIDICULOUS. I honestly don’t think I could survive without those mutual eye-rolls.

7. I love the way he washes the pots at night, after the kids are in bed. He just fills that sink with that steamy (see? I warned you things would get steamy), soapy water and then plunges his hands into it and scrubs and scrubs while listening to podcasts and laughing quietly to himself. This frees me up to lapse into a Netflix-induced coma. Ohhh baby.

8. I love the way he is unconditional, consistent, dependable. Both for our kids, and for me. I think even better than loving someone is being unconditional for them. And I love that we all know he is that for us.


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