Kid-Approved Birthday Cake in Ten Minutes for Ten Dollars

By Jac

My personal experience with baking is that it’s usually a lot of work and a lot of mess for something that is either gone immediately or could be bought at the store with a lot less hassle. But I do understand that for children and birthdays, having a cake is essential. This is especially true for my second daughter, whose personal “love language” is candy. This year, her party fell at a busy time for our family, but I definitely did not want to let her down, so I reused an idea I first used at her third birthday. We were both happy with it both times, so I thought I’d share. Get ready to be super impressed with my extreme skills. My extreme finding-a-shortcut skills.

Step one: Buy two McCain Deep N’ Delicious frozen cakes. Also buy lots of candy.

Step two: Remove the cakes from their foil packages while still frozen, and place them on your serving tray. My personal “serving tray” is an upside-down baking sheet covered in tinfoil. If you want it to be easier to get the cakes out, you may want to cut the tinfoil with scissors.

Step three: Put the cakes beside each other to make one big cake. Sort of. Close enough.

Step four: Decorate with candy.

birthday cake

That’s it. There are only four steps. Except, of course, feeding it to your super excited and grateful child and her party guests! My sweet kiddo informed me that I’m an “amazing mom at making cakes” and “that’s the best seven ever!” I love to make my kid happy. I hope it’s always this easy to do.

Birthdaycake smile 

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