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How having hamsters can prepare you for having children

By Juli

From the age of ten until my early teens, I cycled through a lot of pet hamsters. I was so into them that I had multiple books about them, built elaborate cages for them, and even had that little ball that allowed them to roll around the house to their tiny hearts’ content. Eventually I became a teenager with less of an interest in hamsters and more of an interest in friends and sleepovers and New Kids on the Block, and then I became an adult, and eventually I became a mother. But the other day, as I breakfasted my two children, I realized how familiar everything was feeling, and I’ve discovered that it’s almost like I have hamsters again. Here’s why:

1. My kids, like hamsters, are messy Continue reading

What We Really Want For Valentines’ Day

By Juli and Jac

As much as I love the butterfly my daughter made for me out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper, there are some things Jac and I would perhaps prefer to receive for Valentine’s Day from our children. Here are 10 examples of these, in no particular order. Here’s hoping our kids read this and can deliver on at LEAST one of these before V-day is over. We are not holding our breath. Continue reading

Announcing the Winner of our Giveaway …

By Juli

First of all we have to say, thank you to all of you who entered this fantastic contest! It was so nice to see entrants from all walks of life — husbands wanting to win for their wives, teachers wanting to win to get pampered after a hard day with students, grandmas (who always deserve to be pampered), parents with kids from all ages and stages — both those with wee ones and those with teen ones. It was also fun to read what you all wanted to experience, from food truck tours to flights over Vancouver to our personal favourite, the sensational spa experience.

Well, one lucky winner will get to have her experience, and we hope it’s a good one! Continue reading

Let’s talk about sex, baby

By Juli

Last summer my daughter, S and I went away for a week, leaving Spencer, my husband, and A, my son, at home by themselves for a week. They had a great time together, rambling around like boys do, and then one evening at dinner then seven-year-old A asked his dad what the word “sexy” means. And from there, I am told, the conversation quickly “went there.”

There are many of us, I think, who dread the idea of having a sex talk with our kids. Perhaps this is because we remember this being an awkward conversation (or lack thereof) with our own parents. Perhaps it’s because we feel unqualified to speak on this topic. Perhaps it’s because we’re embarrassed. Continue reading

Five bizarre things we have found in our purses

Ever since we became parents, our purses have become storage facilities for the most bizarre of items. Join us as we reveal the five most bizarre things we have found in our purses that we can remember .

In Juli’s purse:

1. A carrot. For real. This was not a baby carrot, mind you, it was a giant, lone, somewhat withered, unpeeled carrot. A carrot, folks.

2. A single, dirty sock. Continue reading

Five Things My Daughter Wants to be When she grows up

By Juli

For today’s Five on Friday, here are five things that my 5-year-old daughter wants to be when she grows up, for today anyway. These will likely be different tomorrow.

Not long ago, for example, Spider-Man was a permanent fixture on the list.

Not long ago, for example, Spider-Man was a permanent fixture on the list.

1. A ballerina teacher. So she can teach Ballerinas the art of the type of “ballet” she does that has nothing to do with actual ballet.

2. A rock star. So she can be loud Continue reading

My Best Exercise Secret

By Juli

Exercise and I have always had a dubious relationship. I like to get things done once and then never have to do them again, which makes exercise an extremely tedious and repetitive chore for me. However, annoyingly, the “exercise people” (the people who keep telling us all to do exercise) are right. It’s not just for looking good in a bikini anymore. Now that we’re old it’s so we won’t die early. So there’s a less fun and more necessary reason to start exercising.

A few years ago, when I started doing Yoga, I just leapt right into it, as I do with each exercise fad I get into. Continue reading

The Pink Bicycle

By Juli

Sometime between the ages of 8 and 10 I got a beautiful, brand-new pink bicycle for Christmas. It was hiding in the basement, and my parents sent me down to take a peek after all of the other presents were gone, and there it was — shiny and new, a petal-pink bike with white wheels and pedal brakes. I loved it, and rode it all afternoon on that sunny Christmas day. My sister had a blue bike with white wheels, and was very happy that I wouldn’t be borrowing hers anymore, and so in the many days to come we’d ride around the neighbourhood with the neighbourhood kids from after school until dinnertime. Those were happy, happy days. I loved my pink bike. I loved the sense of freedom it gave me — I could just ride as fast as I could, feel the wind on my face and leave everything behind.

mHDV5b4z7ZI7DH3VSCq02zw Continue reading

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