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Five mom things that happened on my birthday

By Jac

*The above Birthday-cake photo credit goes to my friend Maria. I stole this picture off her Instagram, where it was captioned: “Today is my birthday. Another year older, guys. And yes I made my own cake.” Happy grown-up birthday, Maria. You’re a good Mom.

It was my birthday a few weeks ago. I really didn’t care much, of course, because I was turning 34 which didn’t feel particularly note-worthy, and because I just really don’t pay much attention to birthdays anyway. Besides, I was leaving for a lovely kid-free holiday a few days later, so I knew I would have more than enough special me-time very soon. Besides, I’m not exactly new to parenting, so I know that a parent’s birthday is never actually about the parent. It turned out that this birthday was exceptionally not about me. Here’s some things that really happened on my most recent birthday. Continue reading

Five things to do if you find yourself completely alone in the house at night

By Juli

Tonight I found myself alone at home, after my two kids miraculously fell asleep without incident, and my husband went out for the evening with some friends. And because I do not usually have evenings to myself, I figured out some ideas of what to do and will share these ideas now, for your benefit, just in case you also manage to have an evening to yourself in the not-too-distant future. Disclaimer: In order for these to work properly, make sure you have a full glass of wine and are properly pyjama-ed before beginning any of these activities. Continue reading

Five Toddlerisms You Should Know if You’re Looking After My Kids

By Jac

My husband’s parents are coming to look after my children for a week while I go on a much-needed, super exciting, delightfully relaxing vacation with my husband. I’m very confident in my in-laws’ abilities to care for my kids, and I know that my kids love their Oma and Opa, so I won’t really be too worried about my kids while I’m gone. However, over the last few weeks as I’ve been mentally preparing for this trip, I keep noticing things my younger children say and do that would be completely confusing to someone who isn’t with them all day long. Because toddlers make no sense. So this post can act as a translation guide for my in-laws. Thanks so much, you two! And … ummm … good luck? Continue reading

Unspeakable Stories from the McDonald’s Playplace

Here are five things that happened at the McDonald’s playplace that we will never, ever mention again. After this public blog post, of course.

1. That time that my toddler insisted she wanted to go into the playplace with her brother, but kept getting stuck in different parts of it and needed me, with my large, awkward, adult body, to climb in after her. More than once. That wasn’t enjoyable.

2. That time my kid peed in the playplace, Continue reading

Pride Goeth Before the Vomit

By Jac

For Family Day this year, my husband and I decided that it was time for us to do a family mini-vacation. Last year at around the same time, we sent our two younger kids to Grandma’s house and took our big kids on “Big Kid Vacation,” which gave us a chance to really focus on having fun with our older children, away from the constant work and distraction that babies and toddlers provide. This year, we thought it was important to show the family that we can have fun as a family, even with the little ones along. Besides, they are a lot less “little” than they used to be, and we figured they were probably old enough to have fun, and not ruin everything the way babies ruin everything. So off we went, to spend a night with all six of us in one hotel room. Here’s what we learned. Continue reading

Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Awake In The Car

By Jac

Some of you readers are thinking to yourselves, “Why wouldn’t you want your kid to sleep in the car?” Well, reader, if you are thinking that, you either have no children or you have the type of children who can have short naps and still go to bed on time. If this is you, you probably would want a post about how to encourage your children to fall asleep in the car, you lucky rat. But I am not qualified to write that post. You see, all of my children have been the type that are RUINED by a short nap in the car. My second child was the worst for this. Falling asleep in the car for 10 minutes would result in her being up two hours past her bedtime. To make matters worse, when she was little we lived at least half an hour away from most of our friends and family, and our workplaces and church, so we spent a lot of time in the car. During that time, and since, I have learned a few things about keeping your kids awake while you drive, and now I will impart that wisdom to you, whether you need it or not (and if not, you don’t know how lucky you are).

1. Give them candy. Continue reading

Five bizarre things we have found in our purses

Ever since we became parents, our purses have become storage facilities for the most bizarre of items. Join us as we reveal the five most bizarre things we have found in our purses that we can remember .

In Juli’s purse:

1. A carrot. For real. This was not a baby carrot, mind you, it was a giant, lone, somewhat withered, unpeeled carrot. A carrot, folks.

2. A single, dirty sock. Continue reading

My Five Most Popular Instagram Posts

By Jac

I love Instagram because it’s easy and fun and really interactive. In order to share my most popular posts, I’ve taken screenshots of my computer. This will reveal that my version of “popular” is different than lots of other more popular bloggers, but I am FINE with that. I may only get 30 likes on my most popular posts, but they are 30 wonderful likes.

“It was a particularly beautiful five minutes. And then the rainbow disappeared and the kids started to look for more snacks again.”


Continue reading

Five Random Little Things That are Making Us Happy This Christmas

By Jac

There are a lot of things we could say about Christmas, and why it means a lot to us, and how it reminds us that there is light and hope in the darkness, and how it can be so hard for people who are lonely or grieving, and what it means to believe in that miraculous baby in that dirty manger … but this time, we are going to focus on a few of the smaller things that are making us happy this season. Like candy canes.

1. (Juli) Can all of mine be rum? Continue reading

Five Things My Daughter Wants to be When she grows up

By Juli

For today’s Five on Friday, here are five things that my 5-year-old daughter wants to be when she grows up, for today anyway. These will likely be different tomorrow.

Not long ago, for example, Spider-Man was a permanent fixture on the list.

Not long ago, for example, Spider-Man was a permanent fixture on the list.

1. A ballerina teacher. So she can teach Ballerinas the art of the type of “ballet” she does that has nothing to do with actual ballet.

2. A rock star. So she can be loud Continue reading

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