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Top Toddler Tip for Staying Up Late

By Jac Baby N

I wanted to write another post on mommy’s blog today because it has been a while! Hi everybody! Today I want to write a message just for all the other toddlers out there and no one else, mostly because I am a bit mad at Mommy. She won’t let me ride on her back like a horsie all day, she says she needs to take a turn brushing my teeth even when I won’t open my mouth, and when I am trying to put a puzzle piece in by MYSELF, she says I’ve got it upside down and tries to help me, but I don’t want her to help me and the puzzle piece WON’T GO IN SO HELP ME NO DON’T HELP ME. One time when I was screaming and trying to shove the stool across the kitchen so I could climb into the cookie cupboard, I even overheard my Mommy tell another kid’s Mommy that the “terrible twos” actually started earlier than two. I have a response to that hurtful comment, Mommy: “GIVE ME THE COOKIE!” Continue reading

When Kids Review Inside Out

By Jac (and her daughters)

It was quite a long time ago, now, when my two oldest daughters let me interview them for a post. They’ve been asking me to do it again for a while now, and considering that I want them to LIKE my blog, I thought it was time to oblige. So may I present to you: the most convoluted review of a movie you’ve ever heard. Side-note if you haven’t seen it: the emotions they mention are the CHARACTERS in the movie. (To remind you: G is seven and a half, and E is almost six.)


E: G, what should we do?

G: I don’t know.

E (whispering): She’s typing everything we say!

G: Blah.

E: Blah. This is the best blog post ever.

G: How’s it going mama?

Me: Ummm…. How about you start by telling me about your favourite movie of the summer? Continue reading

A ridiculous conversation with my body

By Jac

Hey, Body. First off, I want to really take this opportunity to say thanks. We have been through the ringer together, you and I, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Four babies in five and a half years would be hard on anybody, but you were strong. There were some rough times and some risky situations, we were uncomfortable and I whined a lot, but you stuck it out and were so reliable, right through the last baby’s arrival, eleven days later than expected. So, thanks.

I do have one little note for improvement: Can you pretty please let go of some of the excess weight you’re holding on to? I realize that change is difficult when you get older, but this is really getting pretty frustrating. I’m doing my part with eating well and exercising, but it doesn’t seem to work the way it used to. So can you help me out, please? I know all the pregnancies have made you bigger and smaller over and over, and that must have been difficult, but can we please start heading back toward smaller now that there are no more babies? Continue reading

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