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Two Fun Moms on Instagram!

Alternate title: How Jac convinces Juli to do things.

Here’s what you need to know before you enjoy this glimpse into our Facebook Messenger conversations. 1) Jac has been on Instagram for a while and kind of loves it. 2) Juli is not on Instagram, but she chats on Facebook all the time and is an expert at conjuring perfect gifs, instantly. 

Jac: Hey. I stole your picture from yesterday’s post and put it on Instagram. You don’t want me to tag you, do you? Or do you? You should start an Instagram account already, called onefunjuli. It’s fun over there and then we could interact with each other and it would be great!

Juli: Hi! You can tag me. I should start an account. I will get Spence to show me how. Continue reading

Five things my kids are thankful for that I’m not

For this week’s #FiveOnFriday, and in honour of Thanksgiving this weekend (or, for our American friends, just a plain ol’ regular weekend) we have decided to share five things that our kids seem to be thankful for that we are not. This is a grumpy way to discuss Thanksgiving, we realize, but we ARE thankful for so much, as evidenced by this Thanksgiving post from last year, and this, Jac’s most recent post on watching her daughter grow up. So I think we’ve earned a bit of grumpiness. Be grumpy with us, won’t you? If you think of anything that fits the category, add it in the comments! We love reading what you have to say.

1. Their stuffies. Their hundreds … of thousands … of stuffies. Stuffies in the closet. Stuffies under the bed. Stuffies piled on the bed leaving little to no room for the child whose bed it is. Stuffies in the family room. Stuffies in the bathroom. Stuffies on the kitchen table, the kitchen counter. Stuffies all up in my biznaz, yo. Continue reading

Five Ways Present Me is Horrible to Future Me

It’s #FiveOnFriday time! Check out our post, of course, and also some of the other Canadian bloggers linked below!

Well, as is true for every person in the world, there are really two versions of Jac, and two versions of Juli. There are our future selves, and our present selves. It is the job of Present Juli to look after Future Juli, because Future Juli has to live with the choices Present Juli makes, and the same goes for Jac, and for everyone in the world except little kids whose parents are in charge of their future selves. Lucky kids. Because, unfortunately, our Present selves tend to be, well, selfish jerks. Here are five examples. Continue reading

Five Best Items on the Menu At McDonald’s (#FiveOnFriday)

There are a lot of cooking and recipe blogs out there, and for good reason. We are realizing that if we started to write about kitchen hacks and food advice, we would definitely get more traffic to our blog because that’s the stuff the people search for on google. However, we want this blog to accurately reflect who we are, and a post about the clever and healthy ways we feed our families would not be honest because, well, we hate having to feed our families. (This is unfortunate because our families seem to want to eat every day!) Instead, we thought we’d use today’s Five On Friday post to help you in a way that is more accurate to who we really are: fast food advice! Here is our list of the best things to order at McDonald’s. (This is not a sponsored post, but when it goes viral we’re hoping McD’s gives us money anyway.) Continue reading

Five Clever Ways to Use Children to Your Own Advantage (Five on Friday)

Welcome back to Five on Friday! We spend a lot of time discussing how having kids makes your life a lot more difficult (even though we love them a lot anyway), so we thought we’d dedicate this Five On Friday to the awesome little ways we use our children to our own great advantage.

1. A fridge full of cheese sticks. You know, for the kids’ lunches. Just like the pudding and the chocolate milk. Continue reading

The Blog Breakfast That Almost Never Was

By Juli

Thanks to a fun contest we had back in the spring, Jac and I got the awesome opportunity to go out for breakfast with a couple of our blog fans, and then by the end of breakfast, we became huge fans of them! Because it is difficult to coordinate four busy moms who all actually have other lives to attend to, we didn’t end up meeting for breakfast until months and months after the contest ended. To be specific, we met last Saturday morning. It was a cool cloudy day when we all convened at Cora’s restaurant in Langley, BC. for some huge fruity breakfasts. Here are some fun things that happened on that lovely morning. Continue reading

Five Things We Should Not Have Done This Summer (Five On Friday)

Welcome to Five On Friday, a link-up in which different Canadian bloggers write a list of “five things” every Friday. We, Jac and Juli, are going to write these fun little posts together, which will mean that they are double the fun! We love it because we (and you!) can connect with other great Canadian bloggers, but each week we can all read some very different lists, some helpful and handy, and others … not so much. Our first instalment of #FiveOnFriday is definitely in that second category. There are only four sleeps left until school begins, and we have a few summer regrets we’d like to share. Continue reading

Vacation Lessons We’ve Learned the Hard Way

We are participating in a blogging “round robin” today, in which different bloggers write about the same topic, and then their readers can check out several different perspectives on the same topic. Please enjoy our take on “One Parenting Lesson We Learned the Hard Way” and then go check out the blogs of the other participants!

Before we had children, vacations were like … actual vacations. Of course the packing and the travel was often stressful, but then when you would arrive at your destination, you were able to relax and unwind, enjoying the freedom to abandon schedules and just … do whatever you want to. Back then, we would look at vacation photos of families with young children, smiling and snorkelling and meeting Disney Princesses, and we would look forward to someday sharing similar fun experiences with our own children. However, those pictures did not effectively prepare us for the harsh, exhausting reality. Here is just a short list of things we two fun moms (although the “fun” is sometimes debatable when we are on holidays with our families) have learned the hard way.

Continue reading

Get to know YOU: The One Fun Meal With Two Fun Moms Giveaway

On Tuesday, we had a post that was about getting to know Jac better, and Thursday we had a post to get to know Juli, but what about you readers? What if we want to get to know you better? Well, just for fun, we have invented a contest to help out with that!

What is happening?: A contest that will help us to get to know YOU!

What is the prize?: Three winners will meet Jac and Juli at a to-be-determined, not-too-fancy restaurant in Vancouver, where we will buy your meal! Juli and Jac have fun together, but we have a good time with other people, too, so we thought it would be fun to make some new friends for a night! Continue reading

TwoFunMom FAQs

Here at TwoFunMoms we get unsolicited questions from readers (and/or friends) all the time, and not just the obvious ones, like “How do you stay so trim?” or “Are you leaving Costco? Can I have your parking spot?” We do not mind any of these questions at all, so we decided to take some time to answer some FAQs in case other people are wondering the same things. Or maybe just because we like to talk about ourselves.

1. Do you ever get jealous of each other’s successes on the blog? Continue reading

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