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To the Good-Enough Moms of this World

By Juli

**Back in the early 70s there was a psychoanalyst and paediatrician named D.W. Winnicott whose research enabled him to develop the concept of the “Good-enough parent.” His position, according to research, was that all that children needed to grow into healthy, functioning individuals was at least one parent who is “good enough” — basically one parent who is devoted to the child and provides at least the essentials for the child to grow and develop. This is a concept that keeps me going on the days I fall short of perfection as a mother (so … every day). And so, for myself and all of you other good-enough mothers out there, I have written this poem, Please enjoy, and keep on keeping’ on.** 

This is an ode to the good-enough mom
The mom who works hard even when nothing gets done,
Whose dinner consisted of toast and KD,
But your kids got fed, mom. That’s good enough for me. Continue reading

My One Request: A Poem

By Juli

You said you want to take a bike ride,
Underneath the sky so blue,
And I say, “That’s fine!
You can take your time!
Just take the kids with you.”

You said you have to use the bathroom,
To take a number two,
You say it might take ten minutes,
Go ahead, do your business!
Just take the kids with you. Continue reading

Birthdays Are Not for Moms: A Poem

By Jac

Today’s thirty-something birthday was never really about me,
I don’t love jam smushed on my pillow, or crumbs between my sheets,
A quiet cup of coffee would have been so much preferred,
But you’d made a special breakfast so, of course, I deferred.

Then we went to the kitchen so I could find your mess,
Before helping you put on your best “Mommy’s birthday!” dress.
You were hungry for a snack, which you wanted to be special,
So I used a fancy plate for your yogurt-covered pretzels. Continue reading

Haiku Morning

By Jac

Deciding what you should submit to another blog site is always difficult. Of course you want to submit something good so that the smart strangers reading it will like it enough to publish on their site, and thus you will (hopefully) gain more exposure and readership and be very pleased with yourself. However, if that actually happens, then suddenly you have something you’ve written that you really like that your own readers may not even see!

That’s what just happened to me. I submitted this funny poem I wrote (a series of verses, really; very classy stuff) to a cool new blog platform called The Original Punker Punks. They chose it and published it, which is awesome! But now, for my own bloopies* to read it, you need to click that link down there.

Really, it’s okay. Clicking a link is pretty darn simple, actually. I believe in you.

Here it is! Clickety clickety click:
Haiku Morning

This is the image they used for my poem, and I think it is entirely appropriate.

This is the image they used for my poem, and I think it is just fantastic..

* Blog groupies, remember?

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