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We have two little things to say today

First, if you’re interested, Jac wrote an essay/book review for Comment Magazine. It features R in her Candy Cane dress, and the book being reviewed is definitely worth reading because it’s kind of like a Solidarity Pound It from Science. Here’s the link if you want to check it out: Happiness, and Other Goals for Our Kids.

Second, this post you are reading right now is our ONE HUNDRED AND FIRST POST. 101. One hundred and one. Thanks for reading; we are loving writing!

Jac and Juli

Haiku Morning

By Jac

Deciding what you should submit to another blog site is always difficult. Of course you want to submit something good so that the smart strangers reading it will like it enough to publish on their site, and thus you will (hopefully) gain more exposure and readership and be very pleased with yourself. However, if that actually happens, then suddenly you have something you’ve written that you really like that your own readers may not even see!

That’s what just happened to me. I submitted this funny poem I wrote (a series of verses, really; very classy stuff) to a cool new blog platform called The Original Punker Punks. They chose it and published it, which is awesome! But now, for my own bloopies* to read it, you need to click that link down there.

Really, it’s okay. Clicking a link is pretty darn simple, actually. I believe in you.

Here it is! Clickety clickety click:
Haiku Morning

This is the image they used for my poem, and I think it is entirely appropriate.

This is the image they used for my poem, and I think it is just fantastic..

* Blog groupies, remember?

Why I Don’t Pinterest

We can be a little hard on Pinterest over here at Two Fun Moms. On our Meet the Moms page, we even promise to “pin no pinterests,” whatever that means. So when my friend Jenn, whose (actually very helpful and fun) blog is called “You Pinspire Me,” asked me to write a guest post for her, my first thought was, “Ummm … Are you sure?” and my second thought was, “Obviously I do!”

I thought I’d use the opportunity to more clearly articulate to her readers and mine what my pinteresting thoughts are, and explain why I think Pinterest can be so hard on some people (like me) but perfectly wonderful for others.

Read what I had to say about this by clicking here!



Jac here. I’m the copy editor of Comment Magazine (a publication of Cardus, a Christian think tank dedicated to the renewal of social architecture). Comment publishes an online article every week, and this week’s is a Symposium of several writers answering the same question, and I’m one of those writers!

The question: “What does rest look like for you this summer?” If you’re interested, click here for my answer.

(Spoiler: my answer was NOT “Rest? What’s that?” even though it COULD have been.)

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