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Happy first day of school! Or not.

Well, it’s the day after Labour Day, and around here that means today was the first day of school! Or it should, anyway. But in BC, where we live, there is a ridiculous labour dispute going on between the provincial government and the Teacher’s Union. (I don’t really want to get into the details here, but I’m pretty sure most of our readers agree that it’s quite ridiculous.) So all the public schools are not open for the year quite yet.

If you are one of the people who had a “first day of school” day, we hope you had a good one! Congrats to you, and/or to your children, big or small. Jac’s kids are in a private school, so here they are, ready for Grade One and Kindergarten, and adorable as can be. Not their best smiling day, though, it seems:


If you are one of the people who wanted to send your kids to school today but had no school to send them to, we offer you a Solidarity Pound It, and a “good luck,” and hope you had a good day too. Juli’s kids did “school” on their kitchen table with age-appropriate workbooks from the dollar store and tempted their mother to start homeschooling. It was fun but also very exhausting and worrisome because now will this kind of rapt attention and sticker-giving be expected of Juli every day? In fact, it made her appreciate the teachers even more than usual. But don’t worry about Juli, she is now recovering with a glass of wine and some cut up apples dipped in caramel sauce, because “apple for the (temporary) teacher!” And just what is apple without caramel? But we digress … Here they are:


Perhaps you are one of the people who homeschool, or live somewhere school started a month ago, or maybe this has nothing to do with you because you are a grownup with no school-aged children. Whatever the case, happy day! We normally don’t encourage you to read other blogs, but these two “back-to-school” themed posts from Jac’s two favourite bloggers are so lovely, we thought we’d make an exception. They are very different, and very wonderful. Read, enjoy, but NEVER leave us for them permanently. Never. If the reader stats on this blog dip, even for a SECOND (like an apple into sweet, buttery caramel), we will NOT be pleased. And you don’t want us to be upset, do you? Not when it was a very emotional day already.

Enjoy! Click the title of the post to link to it.

A prayer for the first day of school: Rants from Mommyland
“Please let them feel just enough fear and embarrassment and awkwardness that it makes them funny and compassionate but not so much that it leaves lasting scars.”

It gets better: Momastery
“I GOTTA GO! I’m off to stand in my living room NOT WAITING FOR ANYONE TO ASK ME FOR SNACKS!!!!!!”

And with that we bid you goodnight! It’s time for Jac to go make her second day’s worth of one million lunches, and it’s time for Juli to stare into space and will her glass to be filled with more wine, and all apples to be filled with caramel. We’ll let you know how all that turns out.

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