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Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I Met the World’s Fastest Skateboarding Dog?

By Jac

The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver were straight-up amazing, if you were living in the Vancouver area at the time. It was an unseasonably warm February. The weather was a problem for the people in charge of making sure that there would be snow at the winter Olympics, but it was a delight for those of us who just wanted to walk around downtown, enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime experience that is the Olympics in your own city.

I lived an hour from Vancouver at the time, and my husband and I love the Olympics and cool cultural events, so it was totally worth it to us to make the trek downtown as often as we could … except for one tiny detail. Continue reading

Ice Cream School

By Jac

This is a story about how really believing in something can make it happen. Or at least it can when you are a three-year-old whose mom doesn’t want to break your goofy little heart.

A few months before my oldest daughter went to preschool for the first time, our family talked about preschool quite a bit. G was excited, and we knew that talking about it regularly and positively would make the transition easier. One day, her younger sister (who had just had her third birthday) said, “When she goes to preschool, I go to Ice Cream School!” We all laughed, and said things like, “Oh really? That sounds fun!” I don’t think anyone actually said, “No, honey. You are not going to Ice Cream School because that is not real.” I guess we kind of assumed she knew that. Continue reading

Toothbrush Confessions

By Jac

I am constantly dealing with a particularly difficult parenting issue that I never hear anyone else talk about. I am forced to wonder, therefore, if we are the only ones who are experiencing this — and that gives me hope that perhaps there is an obvious solution to this problem that I am missing. The problem, of course, is toothbrush hygiene. Continue reading

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