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I’m Jacqueline. I’m the mother of four small girls: G and E, who are eight and almost seven, and who never stop talking, R (four) who loves to pester and poke follow her “baby” sister, and Baby N, who is two and a half and more than big enough to fight back. I have two part time jobs, one outnumbered husband, and no time to shower. I used to have real hobbies, but I now count drinking coffee as a hobby. And staring at the television every evening. Laughing is one of my favourite things to do, so if no one reads this blog, at least Juli and I are having fun while we write it. You can also find my writing on the Huffington Post, among other online places. I’m a writer and a professional editor, so check out my Editing for Bloggers page for more information.GetAttachment-1 Hi! I’m Juliana. I like coffee, and talking, and writing, and playing games, and eating desserts, and watching shows on the TV, and laughing, and doing yoga, and celebrating special occasions, and drinking wine, and sitting on couches, and coffee, and also laughing. I have two children, one husband, and one-and-a-half Master’s degrees. I work as a Therapist more-than-part-time and take care of my children FULL-time. My son, A, is eight, and my daughter, S, is five, and I love them, so, so much, and also, they drive me up the friggin’ wall. But hey, keep reading this blog and you’ll get to hear all about it! I also write for Theravive; you can find my profile here.

(“Okay, but what’s up with all the sort-of anonymity? Your kid’s name is not really “A” right?” No. We address this question: here.

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Together, we’re two fun (exasperated, cheerful, bored, busy) moms. We decided to create this blog to share fun stories about our lives, our kids, and ourselves. We promise to keep it fun, pass no judgements, share no recipes, pin no pinterests, and post every two or three days. We hope you enjoy reading and sharing stories with us!


5 thoughts on “Meet the Moms

    1. Juli

      You continue to make our day(s) with your faithful readership and insightful comments! Thanks, biggest fan!

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  2. Donna Kane

    Loving what I read so far in your blog. I appreciate the importance of roll modelling healthy body image as I have 3 girls aged 11, 9 and 7, as well as a 1 yr old boy. It is easy to keep kids active but to remember the importance of your child seeing mom actively participating too is so important. Thank you for writing about it!

    Donna Lynn Kane

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