Because I’m not a woman anymore, I’m a mom!

By Juli

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, as one does, when I came upon a sponsored article with this title: “The best-dressed moms on the red carpet!” and then later, this one: “Hot moms who rocked the red carpet!” The title photo for the first article featured the stunning Olivia Wilde (who apparently delivered a baby recently, but unless I see some kind of DNA proof there is no way I will ever believe that). You see, Facebook likes to show me sponsored stuff that it thinks I will find interesting or relatable, which seems to be anything mom-related, or recipe-related (joke’s on you, Facebook! I don’t make recipes!), or ads for that Jamie-Lee Curtis yogurt that helps you have better poops. But when I saw that article it became clear that Facebook does not really know me very well after all. Because, you see, I don’t like when women are sorted into categories from whence to be evaluated physically — specifically, the categories of mom and non-mom. Continue reading

Unspeakable Stories from the McDonald’s Playplace

Here are five things that happened at the McDonald’s playplace that we will never, ever mention again. After this public blog post, of course.

1. That time that my toddler insisted she wanted to go into the playplace with her brother, but kept getting stuck in different parts of it and needed me, with my large, awkward, adult body, to climb in after her. More than once. That wasn’t enjoyable.

2. That time my kid peed in the playplace, Continue reading

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I Met the World’s Fastest Skateboarding Dog?

By Jac

The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver were straight-up amazing, if you were living in the Vancouver area at the time. It was an unseasonably warm February. The weather was a problem for the people in charge of making sure that there would be snow at the winter Olympics, but it was a delight for those of us who just wanted to walk around downtown, enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime experience that is the Olympics in your own city.

I lived an hour from Vancouver at the time, and my husband and I love the Olympics and cool cultural events, so it was totally worth it to us to make the trek downtown as often as we could … except for one tiny detail. Continue reading

How having hamsters can prepare you for having children

By Juli

From the age of ten until my early teens, I cycled through a lot of pet hamsters. I was so into them that I had multiple books about them, built elaborate cages for them, and even had that little ball that allowed them to roll around the house to their tiny hearts’ content. Eventually I became a teenager with less of an interest in hamsters and more of an interest in friends and sleepovers and New Kids on the Block, and then I became an adult, and eventually I became a mother. But the other day, as I breakfasted my two children, I realized how familiar everything was feeling, and I’ve discovered that it’s almost like I have hamsters again. Here’s why:

1. My kids, like hamsters, are messy Continue reading

Pride Goeth Before the Vomit

By Jac

For Family Day this year, my husband and I decided that it was time for us to do a family mini-vacation. Last year at around the same time, we sent our two younger kids to Grandma’s house and took our big kids on “Big Kid Vacation,” which gave us a chance to really focus on having fun with our older children, away from the constant work and distraction that babies and toddlers provide. This year, we thought it was important to show the family that we can have fun as a family, even with the little ones along. Besides, they are a lot less “little” than they used to be, and we figured they were probably old enough to have fun, and not ruin everything the way babies ruin everything. So off we went, to spend a night with all six of us in one hotel room. Here’s what we learned. Continue reading

What We Really Want For Valentines’ Day

By Juli and Jac

As much as I love the butterfly my daughter made for me out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper, there are some things Jac and I would perhaps prefer to receive for Valentine’s Day from our children. Here are 10 examples of these, in no particular order. Here’s hoping our kids read this and can deliver on at LEAST one of these before V-day is over. We are not holding our breath. Continue reading

Announcing the Winner of our Giveaway …

By Juli

First of all we have to say, thank you to all of you who entered this fantastic contest! It was so nice to see entrants from all walks of life — husbands wanting to win for their wives, teachers wanting to win to get pampered after a hard day with students, grandmas (who always deserve to be pampered), parents with kids from all ages and stages — both those with wee ones and those with teen ones. It was also fun to read what you all wanted to experience, from food truck tours to flights over Vancouver to our personal favourite, the sensational spa experience.

Well, one lucky winner will get to have her experience, and we hope it’s a good one! Continue reading

Why I Gave Up On the Family Dinner

By Jac

Pretty much everyone knows that eating dinner together as a family is a good thing to do. It provides an natural opportunity for families to spend time together, it shows kids that quality time with the people you love is a priority, it gives parents a chance to listen to their children talk about whatever’s on their minds, it models healthy eating … there are many great reasons to practice this daily habit as a family. So of course, I support it. You should definitely do your best to sit around the dinner table and eat a meal as a family as often as you can. I support it.

We just don’t do it. Continue reading

The Gift of LifeExperiences

Comment on this post for a chance to win! More information below…

Some people have a knack for buying gifts. They have an ability to understand your personal style, and the foresight to pay attention to what you need, and then they buy you the perfect item that even you didn’t know you needed. Sigh … If only everyone had that ability. But most people don’t. Instead we waste money on something that our loved one doesn’t need, all while we try to figure out what to do with all the stuff we’ve been given that we don’t need. What’s the acceptable amount of time you have to keep something before you can give it to a thrift store, anyway?

This is why we, Jac and Juli, were delighted when we heard of This is a website that partners with local businesses so that people can give experiences as gifts, without having to do all the research themselves. There are so many great ideas here that the hardest part is picking between them. Luckily, if you can’t choose, you can buy a gift certificate to the whole darn site, and then the recipient of the gift gets to choose for themselves! These are actually eGift Certificates, so they get to the recipient quickly so there are no worries if you’ve procrastinated again. Continue reading

Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Awake In The Car

By Jac

Some of you readers are thinking to yourselves, “Why wouldn’t you want your kid to sleep in the car?” Well, reader, if you are thinking that, you either have no children or you have the type of children who can have short naps and still go to bed on time. If this is you, you probably would want a post about how to encourage your children to fall asleep in the car, you lucky rat. But I am not qualified to write that post. You see, all of my children have been the type that are RUINED by a short nap in the car. My second child was the worst for this. Falling asleep in the car for 10 minutes would result in her being up two hours past her bedtime. To make matters worse, when she was little we lived at least half an hour away from most of our friends and family, and our workplaces and church, so we spent a lot of time in the car. During that time, and since, I have learned a few things about keeping your kids awake while you drive, and now I will impart that wisdom to you, whether you need it or not (and if not, you don’t know how lucky you are).

1. Give them candy. Continue reading

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