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You, in Grade Two

By Jac

We leave the house in the evening and walk to the barn to feed the cows, our family’s regular nightly chore. It’s just the two of us for once, so I don’t have to pay attention to the toddlers or nag your sister to hurry up. You walk beside me and you’re not sprinting ahead or lagging behind; you’re simply walking beside me, like another adult would. You tell me about something that happened that day at school with one of your friends and your teacher, and I’m half listening and half feeling grateful for this opportunity to spend time with this cheerful version of you, and not the argumentative and impatient one I’m seeing more of lately. See, you are definitely old enough now to realize that your parents are not perfect, not even close to perfect, but you’re not quite old enough to realize that your words and gestures matter to others and can even hurt your parents’ feelings. Right now, though, you’re simply happy. Continue reading

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